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Even Les Stroud couldn’t survive these issues…

Superman’s Girlfriend Lois Lane. 

No, that’s the name of the comic. I somehow feel like a post-feminist society would take some issue with quite a few things in these comics. Color me curious, but somehow I feel as though the recycled themes of 1) fighting over men 2) being sad about marrying the wrong guy 3) literal “cat fights” wouldn’t really jive with the themes of gender equality. 

That said – I’m happy we are living in a world where we can look at these issues and laugh at what was the accepted norms of the time, shake our heads and realize things have changed for the better. And also, acknowledge that I doubt these ideas were really bringing women into comic reading at that time either. Who was buying these?!?!

Personal favorite. As my best friend would say, “Wurt?”

Everything just reads a little crooked here. The image, performing super-feats together… I dunno.

Women fighting over men, looking at wedding rings. PS – Superman brings steaks to the beach bbq. Obviously he’s an alien.

In this issue: Lois Lane kissing all of the members of the Justice League. Another girl is jealous. W O W. 

Okay, I laughed at this one when I saw “Superpussycat formerly Superman.” 

I am legitimately VERY interested in who’s saying what on this cover. If anyone knows, holler at me. Also, the statement by Superman is amazing. Again, to quote, “Wurt.”

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