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Rob Liefeld: Fraud or Victim?

Is it the artist’s fault if his work is inappropriately lauded? Is it his responsibility to stop the train and say, “hey, everyone, I’m not actually all that great”? Or is he just a man, and as such, given to bouts of self-aggrandizement and even greed?

Here’s the thing: as a kid, I hated this dude. I wasn’t fooled then, and I’m even less convinced now. But as an adult, I understand you gotta get in where you fit in. If people are willing to hand me money, I take it. How am I going to attack a man for acting as I would?

No hard feelings, Mr. Liefeld. You saw your opening and you acted. Kudos. Only one of us has a Levi’s commercial.

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How could I forget?

And now we’re standing face to face
Isn’t this world a crazy place
Just when I thought our chance had passed
You go and save the best for last

Everyone’s second favorite character from the Mojoverse…

(Spiral? No…)


Heroclix? Power boost!

Keeping it fresh for ’94…

And finally, from the nickel bin (no, really…)

Confession – I really did like Shatterstar in 1992. He was cool, not quite as cool as Gambit… but right there.

Poster Xtravaganza…

Well it’s just a couple, but they’re pretty damn cool. The very excellent cover of X-Men #2 and a cool group shot of such unbelievably popular mutant heroes such as Feral, Boom-Boom, Domino and Cannonball. Man, I hate Cannonball. So corny. I like every other member of the Guthrie clan ten times more. Show me where Husk’s at?

But I do love these posters. Both deserve a frame. And for $5.99, you can afford to do it right. 

Did you know Rob Liefeld was once in a Levi’s commercial? Yeah, you probably did. But maybe you never saw this. Now try to unsee that. 

Guardians of the Galaxy – Oddities… in space.

The earliest part of the 90’s was a peak of my interest in comic books. 

In 1990-1992, I bought every Marvel book that came out. And at the time, for the most part, I enjoyed all of them. During this period there was some expansion, as Marvel stretched out and launched four books at once. Quasar, Namor, Guardians of the Galaxy and New Warriors. Two solo books and two team books. I was beyond excited. I had previously been teased by a luke warm Moon Knight series (a personal favorite for no real reason) but was excited, particularly for this futuristic, space odyssey. 

Maybe it was my father’s love for Star Trek and hard sci paperbacks, or my love for Star Wars, but the galactic realm was always one I dug when it was done right. And while I wouldn’t say there was a faithful sci-fi approach to the Guardians of the Galaxy series of the early 90’s, it was a fun romp. 

As an excited 11 year old, I also was very wrapped up in the world of Marvel’s Merry Mutants. Anything with an “X” on it meant gold to me. Marvel must’ve thought you spelled money like “XXXXX” at that point. With some perspective, Guardians were most likely suffering a bit of a slump or at the least a quick jump-in point for anyone who was familiar with Wolverine but not necessarily Martinex. 

Enter… Rancor. You know, Wolverine’s descendent on a planet of Mutants. Cover by Rob Liefeld to boot!!

A three issue series that actually was at least somewhat successful. The story bled into the next, and was revisited about 10-15 issues later. Another image defector, like Liefeld, Jim Valentino was actually a pretty big gear on the GOTG boat in this era. The back story was fast and loose, but for cheap fun, these three issues were unstoppable. A fun, futuristic, Earth-691 take on what would become of the Marvel Mutantverse. 

Oh! And who woulda thunk it, a future Phoenix! Honestly, a great read and you can get all three issues here on the cheap. Definitely pick these up for a fun alternaverse look. Definitely better than X-Men 2099.

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