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Leinil Francis Yu original art

Two page spread from Wolverine #140, by Leinil Francis Yu. I couldn’t NOT post this – it’s just too awesome. If you’ve seen Yu’s recent work, look at this piece and see the evolution. He still has a very similar style, but there is a bit of a less discernible use of detail lines. I see a lot of similarities here (in his Wolverine and especially Nightcrawler) to that of Carlos Pacheco – strong facial angles and a good use of negative space. Love this. I spy an Optimus Prime too…

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Top 100 Summer Comics #9

So… this Emma Frost lady. Pretty cool. You know her type. Takes what she wants.

Here’s where what she wants becomes Scott Summers, Cyclops.

#9 – New X-Men Annual 2001

Weird thing – this issue was done in a “wide screen” format… which worked. Odd to see it now in the Collected edition… but it’s a cool idea.

Not a whole lot to say other than 1) here begins the Emma/Scott duo that runs the x-verse these days 2) also the first appearance of Xorn… kind of?

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