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The Adventure Continues?

My hunt for Lee Weeks odds and ends on Ebay yielded some strange fruit. I knew dude had been around for a long minute, but didn’t know he played a small part in the magic of Remo Williams. For one magic moment in the 80s, Destroyer fever gripped the US and the long-running series of novels made the jump to the big screen as Remo Williams: The Adventure Begins. The film didn’t adhere to the continuity of the books and lost a lot of fans in the process (take heed, Marvel properties). But for those of us who were too young to have read the novels, the film was just a wonderfully crappy fun-ride.

I don’t know anything about this The Destroyer series Marvel did in 1990. Does it follow the film? The novels? Neither? Who cares as long as we get to see Lee Weeks illustrate one man kicking another man. Try outbidding me on this. I dare you.

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