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Black Widow Without Black Widow

So my last post featured classic Larry Stroman art from an important issue of an important series featuring important characters. As a result, the page cost 10k.

In contrast, I offer this page from the Black Widow graphic novel. It is not important. It also may or may not have any characters we care about in it. We can’t tell because all I can make out is feet and distant silhouettes. As a result, the page costs $50.

Larry for any income.

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Someone Likes My Favorite Comic Book More Than Me

I think this brief period of X-Factor represents a high-point for Marvel Comics. For real. Peter David at his most pointed, Larry Stroman mixing the kinetic nature of the of the era with solid storytelling skills. I love this book.

But do I love it for the price this seller is asking? Does anyone? I gladly hand the mantle of “Biggest X-Factor New Team Era Fan” to whoever buys this at this price.

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Larry the Alien Legion Guy

I’m going to continue to post Larry Stroman art auctions until you ingrates buy them all. Larry is the most underrated artist working in comics. He’s stylized and unique but still tells a story using all the familiar building blocks. He’s a rare talent… getting rarer by the minute because he seems to be off every radar at the moment.

Here’s a splash from his work on Alien Legion. Great material and I urge you to pick up the entire run, but right here right now, grab this bold giant worm.

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Larry Has Me In His Web

It’s no secret that I think Larry Stroman is one of the unsung comic greats. I’d put him next to any forefather and firmly believe he’d crush any contemporary. I regularly scan Ebay for evidence that this (mostly) forgotten genius is still celebrated, if only by the educated few. So how did I miss this? Only 5hrs left on this beautiful Black Widow page. I believe it’s from “Spinning Doomsday’s Web” which was a Punisher/Black Widow team-up, but I could be wrong. Regardless, this is a beautiful page of original art by Larry. Pick this bad boy up NOW.

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Larry is the Truth, Son!

Best creative paring during my comic reading lifetime (1991 to present): Peter David / Larry Stroman on X-Factor. I’m not going to attempt to justify this to you. It is simple fact; as real and immutable as the tides. Deal with it, yo.

Here’s a Larry Stroman signed copy of the issue that kicked off that untouchably great run. Apparently that signature adds $.10 because this thing is selling for a dime over cover price. This world is unfair and stupid. Larry and I are headed to the blue area of the moon where, hopefully, they appreciate greatness.

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