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Cold Lampin’

After a month away, I returned to my apartment to face the awful truth that I live in a hovel suitable only for troglodytes and mole people. This is the sort of clarity you only get from stepping away from something long enough to take it in anew. The apartment isn’t beyond salvage though. I just need new rugs, a new shower curtain, and NEW LAMPS.

Batman is lameass and the Batcave looks like an adobe, but this might look nice on my desk.

We can get into how putting this in your livingroom ensures you’ll never be with a woman again, but why bother? This thing rules and who needs women when I have the son of Odin?

Wonder Woman lava lamp. Nuff Said.

I always felt that The Thing should have a self-illuminating head. Thank God someone took the time to craft my fantasy into a concrete reality.

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