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Was This In the 90s Or Does It Just Feel That Way?

So I know I promised more terrible comic books from the 90s, but I’d like to take a moment to feature this NEW sticker. Or maybe new STICKER. Both words should really get emphasis here because I can’t believe stickers are still a viable form of promotion.

Lady Death. The queen of the modern boob comic. Here in sticker form.

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Yes, I know. I’ve been phoning it in lately, showing up pretty much just for RCBF. I make no excuses, but I do promise to try and do better. Been reading a lot of comics, plan on doing a lot of reviews. I’ll make good soon enough. In the meantime, here are this weeks selections…

The description on the signed X-men issue is pretty great, on a couple levels…

singed by matt ryan, other than that nothing special about the issue.

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