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Kraven’s Last Auction

“Kraven’s Last Hunt” is one of my favorite storylines in comic history. It’s also a great argument against all the people crying about the mature content in “today’s” comics. Yo, this thing came out 20 years ago and is so dark and adult in content I don’t think I’ve seen its rival, even in the shock-value stuff Ennis pours out. Don’t fear adulthood, comic creators, it can be pretty cool.

I assume you all have this story, either in single issues or trade (maybe both?) so I didn’t bother posting up those auctions. Instead, I’m putting up the associated stuff. The weird stuff.

Here’s an interesting auction. Uncut dust jackets for the 2nd Edition of the hardcover. Featuring mediocre design, but beautiful Mike Zeck art, this is way cooler than a normal poster and would be a conversation piece on anyone’s wall.

Here’s a sculpture for the superfan. I don’t get into these super-specific dioramas depicting exact scenes from comics. But this is one of the most dramatic resurrections in the history of the superhero genre, so that’s worth something. We all knew Spider-Man would be back, but the magic J. M. DeMatteis managed here was making his return memorable. He did it. I’m not sure this piece achieves the same gravitas, but whatever, it would still look cool on your desk.

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