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Steal Sean Philips

Why is this piece of original art by the impossibly great Sean Philips, featuring incredibly popular characters, not going for lots of money? That’s for the seller to worry about. All you need concern yourself with is the purchase, mounting, and framing of this beautiful thing. Created as the recap page in an issue of the Kingpin series, this is just a solidly designed piece that any fan of the characters or artist should consider a steal at this price. Buy!

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Batman/Daredevil: Kings of New York

In 2000 this crossover comic teaming Daredevil with Batman was released. Sometimes I like crossovers and sometimes I don’t. In this case these two superheroes complement each other very well. Both have similar backgrounds and personalities. The story revolves around Catwoman stealing something valuable of Kingpin’s and bring it to Gotham city. Daredevil follows and joins up with Batman. It turns out that Scarecrow is behind the crime. If you get a chance pick this up from bgifford.iv. I think you will enjoy it.

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