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It Just Got Weird

So here we have a signed promo photo featuring the Ninja Turtles that everyone knows, plus two lesser-known turtles: Venus De Milo and Kevin Eastman. I don’t know what product this was attached to. Maybe a third Turtle movie I didn’t know existed? Or, maybe, the Turtles On Ice tour? I have no idea, but certainly it’s from after the Turtles had gone from phenomenon to pop-culture mainstay. I think it’s from their “abused property with no direction” phase. Someone’s really gotta make a documentary about Eastman and Laird. Overnight millionaires; Julie Strain; Museum of Sequential Art; Tundra Publishing; Heavy Metal; way too many Simon Bisley related products. They are the original Brittney Spears.

But someone still loves them. As evidence by the asking price on this auction. Check it out. Buy it if you have nostalgia for this period of Turtle collectables.

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A Very Speedy Turtle

Anyone remember Cobi? He was the 1992 Olympic mascot. He’s a┬áCatalan Cubist sheepdog. I remember watching something about his designer. Dude could draw Cobi in 4 seconds. This stands out in my memory because even as a kid I remember thinking, “I’m not sure anything that take 4 seconds to draw is all that valuable. Seems like the dude didn’t put much effort into Cobi.”

Well, apparently something that takes 4 seconds to draw DOES have value. In this case, a Kevin Eastman doodle of the Ninja Turtle Donatello that may have taken 3 seconds to draw comes with a $75 asking price. I know it took 3 seconds because I’ve watched Kevin do this exact sketch as part of his signature on comic books and memorabilia. So my question to the seller of this auction: Why would I pay $75 for this sketch on a piece of paper when I can find the exact same sketch on an issue of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles for a like price? Am I going to frame this one? Doubt it. Looks like shit. Drop that price and we’ll talk.

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