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On Earth 2, Comicnoize Is More Popular Than Teetilldeath.

You know the best part about this Grant Morrison written one shot that brought the Crime Syndicate of Amerika into the Post-Crisis DC Universe?

It was a one shot, so Frank Quitely couldn’t friggin’ jump ship halfway through the damn thing!!!

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DC’s 2nd (or 3rd) Tier

I’ve always been someone who roots for the underdog. 

Honestly, that’s why I liked Marvel over DC. The characters, even the top tier, were flawed. What’s wrong with Superman? Some dumb rock? C’mon. 

But under that first tier of DC characters is where it actually gets interesting. The Super-Powers post below is a great reflection of that – so many characters that the average person doesn’t know. And one of my favorites was always Red Tornado.

Long story short, he’s an android / robot… sorta. Anyways, the mid-80’s series is great. I wish I could find some better images of the covers (one below, but all of them are sweet), but this is a pretty cool ad. Remember seeing it and being drawn in. 

I loved a miniseries that starts with a cover of Superman dressing down this dude with the rest of the JLA in the background. I can’t speak for the most recent series, but I’ve heard good things. And it’s cheap…

And, even though I am partial to the old Kenner Super Powers collection, this DCU Classic Wave figure is pretty hot. DC, while I’ve got your attention, I want a life size bust of Guy Gardner with the bowl cut. Guaranteed seller. 

The Just Us League of Stupid Heroes.

Alfred E Neuman is timeless, but given that MAD magazine hasn’t been cool or relevant since the 1980’s, these action figures from 2001 and 2002 seem like kind of a weird and random item. But they’re still cool as all get out. My favorite is the Green Arrow. Not only does it look the best and have the most detail, but it has the coolest accessories. They ALL come with a spare set of hands though, so that each figure can do it’s own “What me worry?” pose. That’s kind of awesome.

Super Powers model sheets.

This is some pretty cool stuff right here. These are model sheets from the classic Super Powers toy line (model sheets are reference material to show what characters look like in different poses and from different angles). I chose to highlight the two that I think would be most suitable for framing, but this seller has over 40 of them up for auction.

If you don’t think that last one is completely awesome, you need to get your pinko commie butt back to Russia buddy.

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