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Jordi the Leaper to Replace Batroc

Like to read comics about cowboys punching women (they like) in the face? Enter Jordi Bernet. I fell in love with him on Jonah Hex and recently sought out his material from the old country. At first, I didn’t know what country that is because much of his material seems to see print in France and Germany. Both old countries. My man seems French. Not only because of the name, but because the themes present in so much of his material seems decidedly French. As it turns out, dude is Spanish. That’s better than being German or French any day of the week.

Not only is this dude wild on the writing side, but he’s among the most readable graphic storytellers out there. Everything he draws can be read without words. And it’s all beautiful. This guy could draw an airplane evacuation manual and I’d be pumped to read it.

No one did a better job on their SOLO book for DC than Sergio Aragones, but Bernet was a distant second. Check my man out here, telling short stories is what he does.

The price on this is insane. Insanely cheap. There must be a misspelling on a search term or something. If you don’t buy this, I will.

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