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Hey Ben why so Grimm?

My friend Ben is an interesting man. Growing up poor in New York City down on the L.E.S. he was able to overcome adversity. Ben was a highschool football star who excelled at science and math two things I was not good at. He earned a full scholarship to Empire State University where he met Reed Richards. I never really cared for Reed because he hooked up with Sue while I was dating her. Any way after his accident Ben changed. He became more depressed thinking he would not meet any chicks. Until I hooked him up with Alicia Masters. Yeah I know she’s blind but you know what? She is smoking hot, but then that prick Johnny had to go and take her from Ben. Ben got her back and guess what turns out Johnny was porking some shape shifter from Skrull. A few years ago Ben was lucky enough to be featured in a movie about his life with the Fantastic Four. I told him things are starting to look up for him and he should start to feel better about himself. I mean if I had movie about me and toys and clothing with my picture on it I’d be happy. I told him ladies are going to be lining up for a piece of that rock. Ben is in better spirits today he has come to terms with himself, and as long as he gets to say “Its Clobberin Time” all is good. So I say Ben why so Grimm?

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