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How Much Art Can You Take?

Is it hard to write dick and fart jokes? No. Is it hard to write dick and fart jokes that speak to a generation? Yes. Johnny Ryan has been bouncing around alt-comic circles for a long minute now and I only ever half paid attention. I rarely pass on a puerile and idiotic humor involving cocks – Ryan’s stock in trade – but sometimes they slip by unnoticed. Prison Pit changed all that for me. A 12-year-old’s ultimate fantasy of graphic violence, cock jokes, and science fiction- Prison Pit is a life-changer. I’m going to go on record as saying Prison Pit Volumes One and Two are essential reading for any fan of sequential art. It’s just that important. Johnny Ryan has reset my personal clock and filled me with a pubescent lust for crudely drawn sex acts and assault.

In absence of any Prison Pit original art available on Ebay, I refer you to this page from Angry Youth Comix #7. Is it a brilliant dick AND fart joke? No. But these gags are rapid-fire. Ten may miss, but eventually you’re going to be hit by a set of giggles. This one may not do it for you, but trust me there is a Johnny Ryan gag out there with your name on it. In this strip you can see the hints of genius that would later be on full-display in Prison Pit. Pick this up and frame it. I’ll continue hunting for Prison Pit material for you.

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