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Ghost Rider motorcycle hero…

Sneakin’ round round round in a blue jumpsuit…

Seriously, Ghost Rider might be one of the coolest looking superheroes EVER. A flaming skull in a jumpsuit, who rides a motorcycle. So cool. Or hot. Whichever.

Just look at this cover. The guy was cool from the jump.

His series reboot in the 90s? Grim and gritty, sure, but not so grim and gritty that it doesn’t hold up 10+ years later.

And don’t tell me you wouldn’t wear this.

Seriously, there’s no way to make Ghost Rider not cool.

Nope, not even that. Dude even has his very own song.

Suicide- Ghost Rider.

Sure, it’s weird synthesizer music from the late 70s NY punk scene, and doesn’t seem all that hard. But learn your history. Alan Vega used to swing a motorcycle chain around on stage, and their shows used to end in full blown riots. And if that’s not hard enough for you, Henry Rollins used to cover it in the early days of the Rollins Band.

Rollins Band, 1988.

So yeah, that song is cool as hell. Just like the Ghost Rider.

All hail the king, baby.

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