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Bad, Better, Best.

Worst to first, an assortment of comic posters.

BAD – Time displaced mutant hero/cop from the ’90s. Next.

BETTER – Jim Lee’s Wolverine in a traditional X-Team Uni. Cool, but not the best Jim Lee / X-Men poster.

BEST -John Romita Sr. puts together a Spider-Man poster on a bright sunny day in New York. Somewhere, the world is alive with happiness.

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Top 100 Summer Comics #11

Recently Marvel has been doing some good things with event books. Avengers #500? Game changer. I think this set the tone and bar for Marvel U to do great things with issues that by sheer number SHOULD be great.

This issue certainly fits in with the pedigree.

#11 – Daredevil 100 (volume 2)

Incredible cast of artists including Lee Bermejo, Gene Colan, John Romita Sr and more recent DD favorites Maleev, Lark, and Djurdjevic. Brubaker holds it down and if you are a fan of any modern books, check this one out. It might make you rethink how cool Daredevil can be.

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