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Best Poster Find Of 2012

TELL ME THIS ISN’T A SICK POSTER! Granted, I bet it sells better in the Great White North, but anyone can appreciate this beautiful piece of 80s superhero wall-art. If only it included Box, this would be the ultimate Alpha Flight representation. I don’t quite understand what’s going on at the top of the image, but mine is not to reason why, mine is but to show you the best poster auction of the year (so far). BUY NOW, CANADIANS.

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DC Love.

As an unapologetic Marvel zombie, it’s hard to say this. But DC is responsible for some pretty cool comics. And here’s two posters that embody that DC cool. Superman done right is awesome – it’s sad that it’s become such a rare reading experience to enjoy a Superman book.

And despite the back and forth Watchmen love/hate surrounding the movie, this poster is almost completely undeniable.

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Top 100 Summer Comics #3

Probably the most frequent recurring theme in this list is John Byrne. He’s one of those figures that you know is a big deal, but maybe not even realize just how BIG of a deal he’s been. For example… Michael Eisner (you know, that Disney guy) was involved in what seems to be about 40% of pop culture from 1975-1995. Even just on the surface he was responsible for a lot of movies and television, but if you do some further investigation, you’ll see how knee deep he was in even more stuff. Listen to him on this Bill Simmons podcast (if you’re not interested in sports skip to about 34 minutes in).

#3 – Avengers Annual 14

John Byrne is that for comics. He was a force in every major Marvel book from 75-95 at one point and has had career defining runs in at least 4 different books. His DC work is so on point that they basically allowed him to reset the ride on SUPERMAN. Not some throwaway character, the most popular comic hero of all time.

This issue we have a classic Roger Stern comic, Skrulls, Avengers in space, but through it all we have John Byrne on breakdowns (aka rough pencils) and he absolutely shines. The story is awesome and was given a nod during the recent Secret Invasion storyline, and works very well on a completely stand alone level. Would love to see this in a collection, if it already is, point me in the right direction.

But yeah – John Byrne, hats off. It makes you review how the greatness of the Claremont / Byrne run on Uncanny X-Men should be given to one over the other.

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Who’s your favorite DC character/s?

If I was asked this question a million times, I would always answer the same.

The Metal Men.

Must be on a Byrne kick, but damn. This era of Superman was pretty damn good too. But The Metal Men… especially here, this was the one time where I regularly followed and read every Superman comic. And of that two year or so stretch, the Metal Men issues stand out.
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Miracle On Ice

Check it. An original John Byrne Alpha Flight page. My love of the Flight is well-documented, so I won’t go into the finer points of Canadian superheroism here. But I will say that one of my primary motivations for collecting the team from the Great White North was affordability. Full runs of Puck and the gang go for considerably less than trying to complete an equal task with The Avengers or Uncanny X-Men. But the name “Byrne” changes the game on the original art end. Dude asks $6,000 for commissions with multiple X-Men characters, so you gotta figure a page of his with third-tier characters from a book about Canadians is still worth something. In this case, $900.

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Top 100 Summer Comics #38

Simply put, this is a gamechanger. Claremont and Byrne nailed it. Every x-men related book pays homage to this two issue storyline, and really, every modern marvel comic owes this issue a little bit of credit.

#38 – Uncanny X-Men 141

A dystopian future that was spelled out on a beyond-iconic cover, everybody’s dead. Wolverine’s popularity was only grown by his heroic ends that comes in this story, and I honestly can’t think of two better issues of comic books, period. Unbelievable. If you have not read this story, I don’t think you can consider yourself a fan. Canonical.

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Top 100 Summer Comics #71

It’s a Friday evening, been a looonnng week. So let me tell you about something that sucks.

Master Pandemonium. He sucks.

He’s got the worst style (dojo master? 70’s honky? Terrible facial hair? YUP.) and is terribly weak for someone of such alleged great mystical power. Something tells me Dr. Strange would laugh before having Wong dispose of him.


#71 – Avengers West Coast 52

John Byrne did him right. Wrote him into one helluva’ tale about the Scarlet Witch’s children and made him actually seem legit. Eery. Finally viable. After that though? Back to d-level bagain bin magic doof. (Big laughs to the series switching the title from West Coast Avengers to Avengers West Coast. Good one.)

Top 100 Summer Comics… #81

Considering there were two coastal Avenger teams, it made sense.

The Avengers took care of all dangers to NYC and the surrounding northeastern area.

The West Coast Avengers pretty much just hung out in Malibu and waited around for Iron Man to show up occasionally. That’s how Clint Barton roles.

But how about the Upper Midwest?

#82 – West Coast Avengers 46

You know, you couldn’t diss Chicago by putting a team of losers there. Chi-town is way too cool. Milwaukee? Nice city, but yeah, you can clown on Milwaukee. But hey, at least you have a super-hero team!! THE GREAT LAKES AVENGERS. Just saying it makes me laugh. I remember vividly seeing the cover and being extremely excited about it. I think this story was absolutely classic and one of John Byrne’s finest moments. PLEASE find this and read – rarely does comic relief actually come across so smooth and fun while maintaining the tone and consistency expected from superhero comic books.

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100 Days of Summer… Comics. #100

Hot day today, and many more in front of it.

As I sat at work peering across a very large office at some very large windows, I thought about how I spent many summers as a kid. Playing football in the street, exploring the woods near my house both vast and… not so vast, and laying around reading comic books on the floor of my very small bedroom. It’s funny to think about how much free time I had, and how looking back on it I wouldn’t change a second of how it was spent. Albeit I do wish I had been forced to endure a Todd Marinovich level of training in football or basketball, my parents were happy to see me reading, whatever it was that I was reading. And looks like so far I’ve done better than Mr. Marinovich.

So to celebrate two great things that work really well together, I am going to do 100 days of Summer, a look at a single issue every day from now until September 18th. Marvel Comics exclusively, because that’s what I read as a wee lad (and pretty much still focus much of my attention on now). No particular thread to hold any issue together to the next – just damn good comics. Why September 18th? Because that’s when the fall semester starts at the last school I attended, UC Irvine. So, without any further explanation, the first installment.

#100 – Uncanny X-Men #273

A weird note to start. Writer: Chris Claremont. Artists: Whilce Portacio, Klaus Janson, John Byrne, Rick Leonardi, Marc Silvestri, Michael Golden, Larry Stroman, Jim Lee. Quite a list. A veritable who’s who of X-artists, and though it doesn’t add to the story on initial reading, it’s pretty neat now looking back at it. The X-books found themselves closing the end of a very trying time, the fall of the “outback x-men” bled right into the x-tinction agenda, and here’s Lila Cheney. Galactic insanity to ensue. But this story does a lot of things right. Heavy on character development, Claremont is at his best right here. He’s cleaned up a lot of his loose ends – and here he’s tying together some threads while at the same time laying out a whole new era.

There’s a feeling here of rejuvenation and a weird combustible closeness; the proximity of the greater x-teams was never closer and the full house was a welcome change to almost a decade of a very divided house of x. Even the combination of artists pushes this along now, looking at it; all you need to see are the Jim Lee drawn pages of an Iceman / Boom Boom interaction to see what I’m talking about. Worth every penny.

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Remember the original X-men uniforms?

Come on.

You know exactly the ones I mean.

You ever wonder what the “All New, All Different” team would have looked like in ’em? Well here ya go.

Yeah, Thunderbird and Sunfire aren’t there, but whatever, they were barely on the team before getting blown up and quitting like a jerk, respectively.

Oh, by the way. That issue of The X-men #1 that I used to show the original costumes? It’s up for auction.

It’s original too, you see.

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