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John Knows Man-Thing

Let’s take a second and step away from Man-Thing team-ups (great idea for a new title. Marvel, take note.) and take a gander at this beautiful piece of Man-Thing related work. You didn’t think I was jumping off Man-Thing’s jock, did you? This is all Man-Thing, all week.

This is a John Buscema and Tom Sutton page from Man-Thing issue thirteen. I can’t tell if this is poorly scanned or if I have vision problems, but I recognize the awesome nature of the art regardless. When I compare John Buscema to someone with a really modern style, say a Joe Mad for example, I can understand how a little kid could find John passe. But only a little kid. Once you’ve been reading comics for awhile, you start to recognize just how superhumanly solid this dude was on thousands of pages. Here, in a page featuring Man-Thing fighting pirates across the expanse of space-time as he travels through the Nexus of All Realities (if I’m remembering this issue correctly) we have more attention given to the grain of the wood on the ship than many modern day artists would assign to their entire book (though we can probably thank Tom Sutton for that… whatever let’s just say both dudes were A-gamers.). And Man-Thing! Let’s talk about this Man-Thing. It’s the more slender version of Thang with some great moss/swamp-grass giving him definition. A great rendition. This is a definite Christmas gift to myself contender.

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Top 100 Summer Comics… #91

Lakers v. Celtics.

Road Runner v. Willie E Coyote.

Tupac v. Biggie.

Coke v. Pepsi.

Rivalries make life great. It gives one force a polar opposite upon which direct competition reveals so many similarities; while at the same time reinforcing what defines that force’s very being.

Wolverine v. Sabretooth.

#91 – Wolverine #10

The cover was perfect. The story was perfect. Emotional, gritty, and it went beyond the “Well gee gosh they done both got claws!” that had up until this point been the relation between the two characters. Must read. John Buscema and Bill Sienkiewicz absolutely earned every cent for the pencils/ink on this issue, absolutely perfect tone. What a combo.

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Masters of Evil.

I always had a thing for “franchise” type super villain teams. You know, the ones that pretty much just have a revolving door attached to their headquarters?

The Injustice Society (sometimes of the World, sometimes Unlimited), the Brotherhood of Evil (both Mutants and non), The Secret Society of Super Villains…

And of course, the Masters of Evil.

Sure, all those other teams have gone through their share of line up changes. But the Masters at this point are up to roster number TEN (and if you count the Young Masters from Young Avengers, and The Hood’s gang of super criminals, most of whom are ex-Masters and who had their own mini-series taking place in the House of M Universe titled House of M: Masters of Evil, it’s more like twelve).

The Masters greatest moment came during Roger Stern and John Buscema’s run on Avengers, where in an actual piece of brilliant villain strategy, Baron Zemo realizes there is strength in numbers and surges the Masters roster to nearly twenty villains, who then lay siege to Avengers mansion, hospitalize Hercules, torture Jarvis the butler, and basically come close to destroying the entire team.

My personal favorite line up of the Masters, however, was the one organized by this dude:

That’s right. Egghead. Other than Ultron, the only actual arch nemesis Hank Pym has ever had. Now, don’t ask me why, but he was always one of my favorite evil scientist villains. And his Masters line up wasn’t too shabby either…

Ok, ok. So on the cover they’re getting clowned. But this line up not only utilized Masters mainstays like Whirlwind and Radioactive Man, but it added future mainstays like Tiger Shark, Beetle, and Moonstone; the latter two of whom parlayed their Masters membership into greater fame via Thunderbolts and Dark Reign…

But those are posts for a different day.

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