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Top 100 Summer Comics… #78

Question: If someone told you that Havok, Polaris, Quicksilver, Strong Guy, Multiple Man, and Wolfsbane would make up one of the coolest and most interesting x-teams of all time, would you laugh?


But Peter David didn’t. Well, he probably did. Dude’s pretty funny. But no one saw this team coming.

It was like Revenge of the Nerds, but worse. This team of X-Men couldn’t have walked on and joined the Tri-Lambs, let alone made it with the Omega Mus. These were losers.

But wow… talk about a grease fire.

#78 – X-Factor 87

Take that previous group, throw in Doc Samson for good measure (and by good measure I mean throw away puke vomit awful Hulk supporting character) and you have the best talking head comic book issue ever. I think I mean that. Joe Quesada threw down the pencils and did a good job – loved his mid 90’s style, which has since evolved quite a bit, but it did the deed here. But the strength is the writing. In 22 pages, Mr. David nailed these characters individually better than anyone before or since.

If you haven’t, you must read this issue. It might make you care about Wolfsbane. No, really.

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Daredevil by Joe Q.

A great piece of original art by the current editor in chief of Marvel.

If this was a little bit closer to my price range (say, 1500 or so dollars less…) I’d really think about it because this is an iconic level piece of original art. Why do I qualify it as that, you ask?

1. Notable run by notable artist. Joe Quesada’s stint on Daredevil (part of which include Kevin Smith as the writer / sidekick?) was amongst his most defining.

2. Prominence. This is as splash as a splash page will get. Daredevil is front and center and is done exactly how I imagine Joe Q’s Daredevil looks when I close my eyes. Good use of shadow, smooth style and somehow a hyper-realist style with uber smooth lines. ┬áNot to be confused with the somewhat experimental style of his later Daredevil:Father miniseries.

3. Supporting character. Echo probably isn’t familiar to everyone who’s reading this, but she should be. One of the better Marvel characters in the past ten. Love the style here… oh ps, anyone catch the Black Widow in the background? There ya’ go…

Anyways, I could go on. This piece is crying for a frame and a true fan. Wish I had the cash grip for this right now…
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750 tons per second

Maybe you live under a rock. Or just don’t follow the news.

Or are a member of the Tea Party political sect and don’t follow real news. Just what some slow Alaskan woman says.

But I bet that most of you are aware that there’s a volcano in Iceland that is pumping out ash at the pace of 750 tons per second. PER SECOND. Please go find whatever news channel you prefer and watch, hopefully they show some footage of the inch to inch and a half of mud/ash that covers the ground in much of the country. Or talk about the billion(s) dollar impact this is having on most of the world.

But back in 1996, the volcanos of Iceland remained quiet, while Jimmy Palmiotti and Joe Quesada dropped some Ash on the comic world.

A NYC firefighter by day, a super hero by night. A great concept, and though short lived, the series was well received both critically and by fans.

It was one of the few series I checked out in the 90’s that was outside of the big two, and I was pleasantly surprised. (Note to the seller of this pretty cool poster below – when you have a 24×16 poster, take a bigger/better picture. This should sell, but the picture might make it tough)

So after Event Comics ran it’s course, a couple of guys named Quesada and Palmiotti were called in to head the “Marvel Knights” imprint and created quite a spark. Now Joe Q is the big chief at Marvel, so it makes this Ash / Azrael crossover with his signature right next to the DC logo kinda cool. Won’t see that every day.

Cool series. Surprisingly little talk about it considering the relevance of the parties involved. Always liked Joe Quesada’s pencils – maybe do another post about just that sometime. But for now, Ash.

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