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Hey, Joe…

Peaceful transitions to Joe Kubert who passed away this weekend The dude raised the bar.

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Unknown Soldier Acetates.

Love Joe Kubert. And while acetates can be hit or miss, I think this batch is a winner, because not only does the normal drawing looking acetate look incredible, but the color separations on this have a real modern art feel to them…

The Unknown Solider is such a cool idea, and a hero with an all bandaged face is always a win in my book. Total pulp style.

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Hawkman vs Hawkman.

Two posters.

Two Hawkmen.

In one corner, the legendary Joe Kubert version of Hawkman. Old school costume, giant chain mace, spiked knuckles… classic Hawk-style.

And in the other, the early 90s space Hawkman. Lots of armor. Big gold wings. Wolverine claws. Some big knife thing.

It’s not even close. This one’s old school all the way.

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