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On Earth 2, Comicnoize Is More Popular Than Teetilldeath.

You know the best part about this Grant Morrison written one shot that brought the Crime Syndicate of Amerika into the Post-Crisis DC Universe?

It was a one shot, so Frank Quitely couldn’t friggin’ jump ship halfway through the damn thing!!!

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We recently passed 200 posts.

Pretty decent. 300 is going to come a lot faster. Promise.

But seeing as how most comic series don’t make it to 200, I figured it was worth celebrating with some #200 covers. ¬†For some reason, #100 seems like a bigger deal than #200, as if making it 100 issues is hard, but that making it to #200 should just happen. Weird.

Daredevil #200

Superman #200

Thor #200

The Incredible Hulk #200

Batman #200

Amazing Spider-Man #200

Justice League of America #200

Thank you for reading. Help spread the word if you dig what we are doing.

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