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Top 100 Summer Comics #22

Things that often don’t work together.

Ghost Rider and super hero teams.

Ghost Rider and crossovers.

Ghost Rider and outer space.

Ghost Rider and the future.

Somehow, four wrongs made a right.

#22 – Guardians of The Galaxy 13

So it’s not the Ghost Rider that you know. Regardless, it shouldn’t work. This story somehow (like much of the Valentino Guardians of the Galaxy run did) managed to be a fun, well crafted story that brought maximum satisfaction. In fact thinking about that, I would say it’s not a stretch to say that Guardians (and their underrated parallel, New Warriors) have held up better than McFarlane’s Spider-Man, Liefeld’s X-Force, or EVEN Jim Lee’s X-Men. Statement of fact. Go back and re-read if you want to argue.
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Top 100 Summer Comics #64

Jim Valentino and Rob Liefeld do their own spin on Wolverine.

But fortunately for readers, it wasn’t some strange Image crossover. It was contained in the pages of the classic WHAT IF.

Huge appreciation of this. Rob Liefeld’s finest hour? Maybe.

This issue is a great example of why Wolverine has been so hugely popular over the years. His character type is a chameleon. He was built to be a soldier, a ninja, a secret agent, a super hero, a science experiment. A victim, a villain, a hero. He fits so perfectly into any skin, any story. To be honest, his recent role as a full fledged every day hero has zero appeal to me. But here, as a soldier, or his “in continuity” adventures of the time as a secret agent / off radar type were right where he should be. Here’s to that.

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Guardians of the Galaxy – Oddities… in space.

The earliest part of the 90’s was a peak of my interest in comic books. 

In 1990-1992, I bought every Marvel book that came out. And at the time, for the most part, I enjoyed all of them. During this period there was some expansion, as Marvel stretched out and launched four books at once. Quasar, Namor, Guardians of the Galaxy and New Warriors. Two solo books and two team books. I was beyond excited. I had previously been teased by a luke warm Moon Knight series (a personal favorite for no real reason) but was excited, particularly for this futuristic, space odyssey. 

Maybe it was my father’s love for Star Trek and hard sci paperbacks, or my love for Star Wars, but the galactic realm was always one I dug when it was done right. And while I wouldn’t say there was a faithful sci-fi approach to the Guardians of the Galaxy series of the early 90’s, it was a fun romp. 

As an excited 11 year old, I also was very wrapped up in the world of Marvel’s Merry Mutants. Anything with an “X” on it meant gold to me. Marvel must’ve thought you spelled money like “XXXXX” at that point. With some perspective, Guardians were most likely suffering a bit of a slump or at the least a quick jump-in point for anyone who was familiar with Wolverine but not necessarily Martinex. 

Enter… Rancor. You know, Wolverine’s descendent on a planet of Mutants. Cover by Rob Liefeld to boot!!

A three issue series that actually was at least somewhat successful. The story bled into the next, and was revisited about 10-15 issues later. Another image defector, like Liefeld, Jim Valentino was actually a pretty big gear on the GOTG boat in this era. The back story was fast and loose, but for cheap fun, these three issues were unstoppable. A fun, futuristic, Earth-691 take on what would become of the Marvel Mutantverse. 

Oh! And who woulda thunk it, a future Phoenix! Honestly, a great read and you can get all three issues here on the cheap. Definitely pick these up for a fun alternaverse look. Definitely better than X-Men 2099.

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