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Jim Will Always Be Jim

Let’s forget for a moment that none of us can afford this. Let’s also ignore the fact that there is nothing remarkable enough about it to justify the asking price. Put that in the back of your mind.

Instead, let’s discuss the value of knowing your role versus the need to expand beyond it. We can all agree it would be unreasonable for Shaq to wake up one day and insist on playing forward. Or for Tom Brady to suddenly feel compelled to play defensive tackle. Being good at one thing isn’t a cause for shame, it’s a necessity. This isn’t Dungeons & Dragons where there is tangible benefit to being “well-rounded”. This is the real world where being freakin’ awesome at ONLY one thing will get you millions of dollars and a model for a wife. With that in mind, do I praise this Jim Lee vision of Death from the Sandman series? He has made Death a Jim Lee creation. This doesn’t look a thing like the original character. If we stripped the ankh off of her, I would just assume this was Deathblow’s girlfriend or some shit.

Is it a crime to have your own style and never expand on it? Is it wrong to pass over continuity for the same of your own visual consistency? I don’t know. But it’s worked for Jim and a number of other 90s creators who are always in demand. My commissions aren’t selling for 3k, so I’d probably defer to Mr. Lee on this one.

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No Care

List of things other people love but I am fully indifferent to:
The Descendents
Beach Boys Inspired Indie Rock
Austin Texas
Black Metal
The Dark Knight
Natural Breasts
College Football

While everyone else my age has warm feelings about Jim Lee, I’m left wondering “what’s the big deal?” Bear in mind I’m not knocking the dude. He’s put out books I really liked and has followed an altogether unique career path that is the envy of many creators. I just don’t feel him like that, you know? The noses are too small, the faces have too many lines… something. I don’t know. Everyone tells me to check out his Batman as evidence that he is one of the few artists that has grown and changed in a relevant way, but I’m stuck on this X-Men material I didn’t care for. But I suspect YOU care for it, so here’s an auction with your name on it. Actually, Jim Lee’s name is on it. Buy it. I won’t be angry.

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The Art of The QUICK Flip…

Ahh, the beauty of the big event. This past weekend was what should now end all debate,  the second biggest comic book convention in America, New York Comic Con. Only behind San Diego and I wouldn’t be surprised if it someday surpassed SDCC… but it’s hard to argue against 75 and sunny.

As with any and all conventions, festivals, special events, swag was produced, and some in limited quantities. So here’s the first batch I’ve come across, with much more to come. If you are thinking about any of this stuff, definitely clink it because some of these items end soon.


** How creepy is that Wolfsbane minimate? At first glance I thought it was a naked Sunspot. Ew.

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Bad, Better, Best.

Worst to first, an assortment of comic posters.

BAD – Time displaced mutant hero/cop from the ’90s. Next.

BETTER – Jim Lee’s Wolverine in a traditional X-Team Uni. Cool, but not the best Jim Lee / X-Men poster.

BEST -John Romita Sr. puts together a Spider-Man poster on a bright sunny day in New York. Somewhere, the world is alive with happiness.

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The Few. The Proud. The Punisher Poster.

There are few comic book characters whose poster you can get away with still having on your wall past the age of 15. I think The Punisher is one of those. Obviously it depends on the artwork as well, but these I think are the 4 best choices (and yes, we have had this first one up here before, I thought you could all use a reminder). After all, it’s 3 from Mike Zeck and one dominated by Jim Lee…

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Dear Toy Companies,

Cut me a break. I am desperately attempting to rid myself of this collecting affliction. I’m doing my best, but these kind of deep cuts are sucking me in to new, dangerous worlds of products. For example.

These toys echo not just cool heroes from my childhood, but weird versions. Purple, giant “M” Magneto? Fresh from the future, a future where bandanas are wildly popular, Bishop? Jubilee? Jubilee? Really? And the throw-in Wolverine, I’m not crazy about. (Nor am I banana jacket Jubilee, but the Magneto makes up for it)  But these “mini-mates” are just about a reasonable enough size that I could keep them neatly arranged and also easily hidden (swept into a drawer) when other grown-ups are about.

For my adult life style, and wallet, please refrain from making anymore of these. And making them limited edition doesn’t help either – it’s like saying the cocaine is caramel flavored. Stop.


A Fan.
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Top 100 Summer Comics #14

I’ve mentioned Acts of Vengeance enough on here that really, I need to recommend you check it out. Marvel is putting out an omnibus so I’ll get that up at some point. But this corner of the meta-crossover was so good I often forget it was even consider a part of it.

#14 – Uncanny X-Men 256

This is by far the coolest the Mandarin has ever been. Claremont and this newbie artist by the name of JIM LEE just upped the ante on the whole game with this 3 issue jaunt. Psylocke returns as a crazy ninja assassin and Wolverine is trying to get her back, despite looking like a Jersey Shore cast member trying to wake up at 7 am. Not pretty.

The best part about all this? Not surprisingly, Lee’s pencils were absolutely on point. The tone and imaging of the book resonates so well that the story was leaping off the pages. A great story that was just taken another step by the visual – perfect example of the validity and value of comic books in the literary marketplace.

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Top 100 Summer Comics #26

This issue has a certain relevance, but let’s talk about the meat and bones first.

Longshot, who doesn’t like him? Well, I bet a lot of people, but most people my age are alright with him. He was the original vapid alterna-hero. He basically is the archetype for Gambit, Every Image character ever, and many spinoff Marvel characters who would make you think that head bands and long hair were HUGE in the ’90s. They weren’t. But this was the last great story featuring the Mojoverse, and had Longshot taking a slightly more heroic turn. Scott Lobdell wrote him straight, and it was a perfect story. Dazzler and Longshot struggling against the oppressive Mojo.. it was good. Real good. And then…

#26 – X-Men 11

… It was over. This was Jim Lee’s last issue of X-Men. Done. Some of the plot threads from this (pregnant Dazzler, the rebellion in the Mojoverse) were completely abandoned. Despite Lobdell’s long run on the x-books, for some reason this was never really touched on again.

That said, it’s ironic that Jim Lee’s creative influence was supposedly one of the reasons that led to Chris Claremont being ushered off of the X-Men books… and eight issues later, at the height of the X-Men’s popularity, Jim Lee leaves. And never comes back. So who knows what would have been if decisions made with regards to the formation of Image had come two, three, six months earlier? Would Claremont have left? Would Jim Lee had lasted even 11 issues? Would (self titled) X-Men even been created? And conversely, what if Lee had stayed on? Would Liefeld? There were many little promotional hints and posters put out there that had me (and many others) salivating at what storylines were to come… What could have been.

Nonetheless, this is a great read. And it exists. So find it.(And by find it, I mean, click the image and buy it.)

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More Ashcans From Forgettable Comics

My last post stirred something deep inside me. I am now on the hunt for the most dated and irrelevant comic’s works I can find. Anyone can find forgettable comic books on ebay. I think it takes a master to find forgettable comics everyone remembers.  I’m going to continue to mix the ubiquitous with the obscure here, by seeking out rare formats of high-profile books.

I bring you, Homage Studios Swimsuit Issue! And in less-than-vivid ashcan format! Remember this? Barely, right? It wasn’t good! The respect we all have for Jim Lee and the importance we acknowledge that first-generation of Image to have in the history of comics doesn’t save this superfluous jerk-book. I never got past the first issue of any of the comics they pulled characters from for this book, so I can’t imagine it can stand on its own. That said, a lot of these creators were criticized for their storytelling and since I have to imagine the Swimsuit Issue is just pinups, maybe this works.

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Top 100 Summer Comics… #75

It’s the day after America’s birthday. We somehow avoided an American themed 4th of July post, and I think we’ll stick with the neutral posts today.

But somehow there’s something VERY American about Superheroes v. Superheroes. It’s not quite apple pie, but man, it’s one helluva tradition. Heroes are confused/tricked/mind-controlled and end up going at it, only to inevitably shake it off and team up to win.

And… an incredible farewell issue by Chris Claremont after some 15+ years on the X-Men.

#75 – X-Men 3

Maybe my favorite Jim Lee cover. At the time, I was so excited, thinking we were in for at least 50, maybe 100 issues of Jim Lee drawing the X-Men. Nope. Not even another 5 after this issue.

And to think… since he left, he hasn’t drawn a proper full issue of an X-book since. Has he even done a cover? Sigh.

Dear Joe Q. –

I know Jim Lee is some head honcho over at the Distinguished Competition now. But I also know how much you like music. So please… chew on this.

I try not to think about what might have been
Cause that was then
And we have taken different roads
We can’t go back again
There’s no use givin in
And theres no way to know
What might have been

Make it happen, captain.


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