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He’s Puzzling.

The Punisher is a fairly one-dimensional character. That’s not a knock. Many writers make it work. But let’s face reality; dude has been driven by one event that occurred 30 years ago. Most of his villains are just as single-faceted. Jigsaw included. Handsome thug gets face cut, sometimes wants revenge. But again, who cares? A good writer makes it work.

Mike Baron is a good example. I’ve mentioned a few times that Baron’s run on the Punisher went off the rails towards the end, but there are issues upon issues that were amazingly fun. Here’s some of them, and some of these include Jigsaw.

And here’s my man Jigsaw in Minimates form. Menacing.

And in line with the fact that Jigsaw is deformed, here’s a hat that makes you just as unpleasant to look at.

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