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Nothing says Gender Equality quite like…

Wonder Woman earrings. 

First off – I’ve never seen earrings that appear to be pins before. Kind of what you’d picture on the table of a high school ska band – but with a clip to put on your ear. Maybe some real new merch opportunities being underused here guys. Two really NICE options in this direction, then I’ll give you something that’s a little more¬†bourgeois.

Okay, I can dig that. Cool image, iconic look, but… do I think any woman in my world, even ones interested in comic books, would wear these? Not so much.

These are just ugly. I mean, there’s zero effort and then there’s ZERO effort. Come on!

And here are the winners. Pretty classy, solid craftsmanship. If I were to buy some Wonder Woman earrings today, these are the ones. Boo-yah – Valentines Day shopping, COMPLETE!

* ComicNoize does not endorse the idea of buying your significant other Wonder Woman earrings unless explicitly instructed to. Really.

** I did have to look up how to spell bourgeois. I googled “booshwaa” first. No luck.

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