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The Zombie thing is pretty played…

But this is the season, right? Regardless, A funny zombie sketch is always cool to me. I wonder if this is what “Mark” was thinking of when he asked Arthur Suydam, artist of the Marvel Zombies homage covers, for a “Zombie Spider-Man” sketch. This one is certainly more Fred Hembeck than you might’ve expected from Mr. Zombie himself.

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Top 100 Summer Comics #61

90’s X-Men isn’t for everyone. To be honest, when I read a lot of it now I’m not feeling it.

But that doesn’t mean there aren’t certain stories that pull me into complete geekdom.

Case in point: the Askani’son miniseries, and that entire alternate future. For some reason the entire post technology / organic metric future always resonated for me. But one of the rarely included pieces in the mythos is this great issue where Jeph Loeb fleshes out some of the best action.

#61 – Cable 25

Basically one of the only meaningful(?) appearances of Jenskot, y’know, Cable’s wife? Regardless, I would have preferred 1) no time travel, just an account of the future events 2) Steve Skroce over Ian Churchill 3) Gene Ha over either – but otherwise, and those things included, dig this issue. Churchill has only gotten better with time but I think he did well here. A lot can be said about Jeph Loeb but he was one of the few who really did something cool with Cable. Props.

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Top 100 Summer Comics… #82

Jeph Loeb had a big day.

Announced today as the new head of Marvel Television, Jeph Loeb sure has come a long way since his days at the x-table in the mid 90s.

But sometimes, glory days still feel good once in a while.

#83 – Cable 19

Long story short, Cable kinda sucks. He’s got some really strong characteristics (the Askani stories are some of my favorite Marvel stories ever) but for whatever reasons his really had a lot of low points. Him and Gambit should hold weekly 90’s superhero phenom recovery meetings every Wednesday night. Regardless, Loeb and artist Steve Skroce got it. They did him right, perfect tone and balance of what he was. Loeb continued on with artist Ian Churchill who did a good job, but I was such a big Skroce fan I never really dug it the same. Skroce had a real unique style that I’ll have to dig into at a later point, but this issue was cool. The dude on the cover? That’s Tyler Dayspring, Cable’s son, aka Cyclops’ grandson. WEIRD.

PS – Years later Wolverine gutted this dude.

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