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Bone. Fone Bone.

Despite my interest in comics, I’m not much for “kid friendly” material.

You know that friend who thinks Harry Potter is the best thing on earth, that liking modern cartoons is cool both in a legitimate and “this is ironic hehe” way? 

That’s not me. 

However, there’s some universal appeal to all ages appealing material. While I’d say BONE is going over the head of most elementary school kids, there’s certainly a reason Scholastic Books took up publishing collections of this series. Kids dig it. Adults dig it. 

Some years ago a complete collection (quite bulky, something like 1300+ pages) showed up, much to my delight. To  my chagrin… the price tag reflected said bulk and quality. However, now you can pick up new / like new copies on the ‘bay for  a fraction of the cost.  If you’ve never read BONE, it’s actually a great book that reads a lot like epic journey books – some of my favorite material. Quick, smart, and fun – not an easy combination. 

And just for fun, here’s a pretty neat 10th anniversary Bone comic that comes with a cool Fone Bone action figure. I’m sure there weren’t a ton of these made, but even if there’s a million, that doesn’t make that little guy any less cool. Great for a nephew, niece… or in your cubicle. Dig it.

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