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Prices So Low, It’s Inhuman

Do you know what this is? Do you understand? Can you wrap your head around something this cool for such a small price? To give you perspective, this would be like finding a new car for $600. Or remodeling your house to look like a starship and paying the contractor by playing video games with him for an afternoon.

This is Jae Lee art and it’s the Inhumans. THINK ABOUT IT. It’s awesome. And here’s what truly rules: These auctions are in their final hours and going for peanuts. This is your window, bros. Grab this. Don’t be foolish. The world is getting unpredictable and aggressive. Retreat into your possessions. Hide in wonderful art for your wall, such as this. You may not have a wall in ten years. Enjoy it while you can and enjoy it for small money.

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Top 100 Summer Comics #7

“I’m a sucker for…” has appeared frequently through my postings here. I’ll at least take solace in my self awareness for knowing the use of certain storylines and visuals draws me in a moth to the flame. For better or worse, but hey… it’s my list and I’ll do what I want to.

#7 – Captain America 16 (vol 4)

Jae Lee is awesome. Captain America is awesome. And for some reason, just as I like football in the snow just a little bit more, any good comic book adventure in the snow / ice / etc is that much better. And I don’t think anyone will accuse Chuck Austen of rewriting any classic novels, but he did a good job with the ice story. During a relatively weak time for Captain America stories, this was an oasis, albeit brief.

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Jae Lee reminding me of R. Pettibon ?

While I would almost never before or after have thought this…

After seeing the below original art I was forced to compare this Jae Lee page to Raymond Pettibon art.

As a big fan of Mr. Pettibon’s stark and decidedly disturbing style, I take that as no light comparison. But when I see the creepiness and thin lines of this page – I see it. Look at each panel on it’s own, save the Cap panel, and with a deranged quote they are instantly worthy of being thrown on a Black Flag album. Kudos. This one is going soon, but at a VERY reasonable price. Might have to throw a bid in…

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Cliche’d but true.

“A picture is worth a thousand words.” 

– Ironic that I would use this to set up a post about Captain America. Why you might ask? 

The adage has no true lineage, though one of those cited to having proliferated this is a famous quote by Napolen Bonaparte who said, “Un bon croquis vaut mieux qu’un long discours”, which translates to “A good sketch is better than a long speech”.  And you know what Cap would say to that…

So, without further adieux, my ten favorite Captain America covers.












The new classics…

As someone who started reading comic books in the 80’s, there’s certainly some books I think of as ‘must reads’. 

The Dark Phoenix Saga. John Byrne’s Superman. Sandman. Peter David’s Hulk. I can keep listing on and on and on… 

But what I want to do right now is talk about “modern” classics. Where am I drawing the lines? I think the modern era should be defined as starting shortly after  Image comics started, somewhere around 1992. The market shifted, the speculation market had burst and the focus on creative had shifted it’s eyes to art over story (ugh)… and on top of that long time writer Chris Claremont had left the X-Men, as well as some other long time creators moving on. Basically it was the changing of the guard. It’s also when a lot of people I know gave up on comics after the initial sexy of Image, realizing you can only look at so many “cool” visuals before lackluster stories leave you bored.

Thankfully by 1998 the market had shifted. Great writing was once again at a premium and this INHUMANS collection is the perfect reflection of that. I would dare to give this a near perfect all around ranking – Paul Jenkins adds layers of sophistication and depth to age old characters who, while infinitely intriguing, were never given their due attention. Add to that the gritty, dark and at times visceral art of Jae Lee and the recipe was set for an unbelievable series. A self contained 12 issue run that I picked up randomly during a phase of disinterest, this was a huge spark on reigniting my interest in comics. 

While a familiarity with the characters helps, you don’t need to have been a Marvel Zombie to dig into this. Definitely a great pick up for anyone looking to see what the direction of comics over the past decade has been – this one, along with a few others, set the bar for a higher level of work.

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