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For Asgard, Ron Frenz!

Nothing makes me pine for the winter weather like a good Asgard story. All these glorious Vikings, Valkyries, and Frost Giants fighting… So cool. And for about a six year period, Ron Frenz did it better than almost anyone.

He had big shoes to fill. Saying that is about as much of an understatement as it can get. Sal Buscema did a one year run, but before that was the even present shadow of writer/artist Walt Simonson, who’s run still stands as the best on THOR. But Frenz put forth an effort that did not fall short, and though some of the stories felt dense (honestly, most Thor books of the day had this problem. can’t fault the artist) the pace and ability to just jam the pages with action was brilliant.

His style echoed of the greats like Steve Ditko and even moreso, the great Jack Kirby. Outside of George Perez, no one knew how to fill the page quite like Ron Frenz in the 1980’s, and with style like that, you know you’re doing pretty dang good.

That’s all for my original art bender. I think I got it out of my system for today.
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Anyone Have Money To Burn?

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I Feel Like the Last Boy on Earth

Let’s put it out there. I’m a Marvel guy. There are dudes on Comic Noize who are DC men and there are dudes who walk a middle path. But I make mine Marvel. That doesn’t mean I don’t know DC at all, but it makes me much more of a “greatest hits” fan. So I’ll be straight up- who the hell is Kamandi? I mean BESIDES the last boy on Earth? Who is he really?

Apparently this book started as Jack Kirby’s effort to hit all the same buttons as Planet of the Apes, but eventually became its own thing and, like all DC characters, fails to make sense to me after the 80’s. Continue reading »

Classic Captain America

Hey, did you catch the Captain America shield in Iron Man 2???

Wait, everyone did. They practically hurled it at you.

So for the one or two per 1000 who missed it, I think that Iron Man 2 will be in the theater for a minute, so go back and see it. For everyone else, feast your eyes on some Jack Kirby / Joe Simon era CAPTAIN AMERICA original art. Seller says he will have some other stuff worth your time…

and I’d say after checking this auction I would agree. Wow. 1941. Timely Comics. Was Stan Lee even an intern yet?

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Like the New Gods. But Newer.

Jack Kirby isn’t known as the king for nothing.

Sure, there’s Elvis. He’s pretty good with a microphone. But give him a pencil. Let’s see what he can do. (Actually, I’d be curious to see some Elvis sketches.*)

Everyone should know who Jack Kirby is. His influence on visual storytelling is broad, and he’s as influential to the Marvel Universe as anyone, including the man himself, Stan Lee. Due to this, it’s sometimes easy to forget his influence over in the other sandbox with DC, where he has had a pretty big hand as well. My primary interest is that of the New Gods, who have seen some recent play in the big DC event book, Final Crisis. (side note – my Darkseid Super Powers figure was easily the best villain action figure I owned.)

But do you know the Forever People? They were the young New Gods. Who could either be said to have had a heavy psychedelic influence or just spoke like they belonged to an extremist cult. Regardless, here’s an expensive but ultimately wise investment in a piece of Jack Kirby original art. Absolute perfection.

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I think I can wear this.

I was going to complain about how I wished there were cool comic book shirts like this when I was a kid. 

I think that often, but it has yet to stop me from owning at least three but no more than five comic book related tees. (One of the counted is an Infinity Gauntlet thermal shirt, so not a tee, but something I feel warmth in my heart over owning.) 

But then I thought about it. Jack Kirby. Thor. Iconic image. Tight design. 

Next time I come across one of these in my size I will be purchasing it. I think it says that you like comics, but not in an ironic way, and that clearly you are an adult but hey… it’s a t-shirt. Dig it.


Sum total of the hatred of 2 billion beings destroyed by Odin! Apparent cousin to a minotaur! Possessor of tenta-hands! Wearer of a Ramses beard!

How do you NOT love this guy? Such an incredibly crazy Kirby design.

This dude really needs to make a come back. Yeah, sure he showed up when Thor initiated Ragnarok back in 2004, but really, who didn’t? It was basically a cameo and he got jobbed in like… a page. I mean, if ZOM can be a major storyline factor in World War Hulk, it’s only fair for Mangog to get another shot.

Come on. Give him a chance. HE HAS TENTA-HANDS for crying out loud!

Original Art.

This seller has a whole lot of original artwork up right now. Definitely worth checking out.

These are the two I’d choose to bid on, had I the money.

A 1983 Jack Kirby redesign(?) of every one’s favorite Darkseid flunky Desaad, and an awesome Bill Sienkiewicz Black Widow sketch.

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