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Top 100 Summer Comics #66

Maybe I’m just in a Spider-Man state of mind today, but I was thinking about the J. Michael Straczynski run on Amazing Spider-Man. Especially with his recent run on Wonder Woman coming up (and under some scrutiny already) – I want to sing his praises on tone, dialogue, and character realization.

#66 – Amazing Spider-Man 500

This issue is best described as what I feel all Spidey classics should be – FUN. The writing and art moves at a quick pace but pauses for some reflection. JMS always hit on the strings that pull Peter Parker to the front of the pack in terms of universal connection to readers – internal conflict, self doubt, and a light hearted side that reminds people that not everything is heavy. Especially coming from a lot of more mystical storylines (one of the themes that I enjoyed at the time, though apparently has come under some scrutiny recently) – JMS always kept a solid attachment to street level action, human and family interaction and found a way to streamline the series, before it went a little wacky with “The Other” storyline… but that’s a commentary for another time. Get this issue and get familiar with what Spider-Man should be all about.

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