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Missed the chance to yuck it up for St. Patrick’s Day. Honestly, as an Irish who doesn’t drink, I think it’s kind of a bummer (understatement) what St. Patrick’s Day has become. Anyways, off the soap box. 

And into the easter eggs. And candy. Especially peeps and reese’s eggs. 

On top of that, I’m just going to leave you with quotes from the actual auctions on these. If you didn’t know, sometimes people selling this stuff have interesting stuff to say, both with specific items and their general rules and miscellanea. 

“This is our 3rd year doing Easter Baskets on eBay! We have a 100% customer satisfaction rating, and we aim to keep it that way! All items included are new.  Items come from a smoke-free house.  We do have a dog (17 yrs), which is not around my e-bay stuff. “

Item Listing: Spiderman Carry Basket EASTER Basket NEW Lined Red

Description: “This is a great basket / Carry all for a Spiderman lover.  Use as Trick or Treat or for Room Organizer.”

Translation: Multipurpose holiday carry all. Or room organizer?

“Shop Ebay and save on gas!”

“EASTER STORY #1 Good Comics Book

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