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Top 100 Summer Comics #63

Todd McFarlane gets all the early 90’s Spider-Man fame.

But as someone who was there, when Erik Larsen took over, it didn’t skip a beat. And to be honest…

I like Larsen better. Better Venom. Better Mary Jane. Less bitter beer face. And then there was this two-parter right here…

#64 – Amazing Spider-Man 347

Maybe my favorite Venom story. It doesn’t even really make sense. Somehow they end up on an island, and it wasn’t Staten, Long, or Coney. It was a tropical island? Wash past that – those details were unimportant to the story. It was a fun romp, featured Eddie Brock (aka the real venom) in his most bonkers level yet, and Peter Parker faking his death, leaving Eddie in peace. And Erik Larsen nailed it. Bombastic, fun, and loose. It was not Hamlet – but it was never meant to be either.
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