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Top 100 Summer Comics #24

A quicky today, my room’s a mess and I can’t get dressed. Gotta get… this post done.

#24 – Warlock and the Infinity Watch 1

1. Dig the cover. Powerful Warlock pose, got Eternity just chillin’ in the background. So cool.

2. How cool is Adam Warlock?

3. No surprise that 4/5 of the members of this cosmic team are now members of the new Guardians of The Galaxy. If you’re a fan of that series, spend the buck it will take to pick this up. Guarantee you’ll see some redeeming qualities. It still resonates with me.

4. The remaining 1/5th who was apparently replaced by a Russian space dog, an intergalactic Raccoon, and an outerspace Ent? That would be Pip, the cigar smoking troll who liked vests.


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