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Top 100 Summer Comics… #79

Crossovers are kind of a pet peeve of mine.

They all start great. Most, I should say. But inevitably, they gunk up the system. Writers are forced to change the flow of their stories to fit in with the event, and usually that leads to some pretty awkward writing.

But sometimes… very rarely… they make for some pretty cool stuff.

#79 – Infinity Gauntlet 3

Like this cover. It’s the comic equivalent of Bam-Bam. There’s nothing subtle about this coolness, it’s smashing you over the head. No nuanced writing – just every kickass Marvel character charging at you.

And as cool as the Infinity Gauntlet was, it led to the Infinity War. Which led to the Infinity Crusade. Gross.

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Infinity Gauntlet, the poster

Thanos. Adam Warlock. Gamora. Nebula. Silver Surfer.

And one of my favorite Captain America scenes. 

That’s right woodchuck chuckers – it’s the Infinity Gauntlet. Unlike it’s sequel and trequel… this miniseries ruled. It was the first major stand alone series post Secret Wars, as crossover events such as Inferno and Acts of Vengeance didn’t have any stand alone issues. The ‘Gauntlet jumped off the stands at me from the first issue, the cover just a magnificent and dark piece that made me go… wha??

And it just so happens here’s a banger of a poster that replicates that very cover. So cool. Up until this point in my life, I didn’t know what the infinity gems were. Life has been made THAT much better because of this knowledge. Thanks, Jim Starlin and George Perez.

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