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Top 100 Summer Comics #48

My love for the x-men was really started with Inferno, which is kind of an odd event. Half true x-men event, half goblins and hellfire, for whatever reasons I really dug it.

One issue was particularly hard to track down, for whatever reasons. Maybe people just loved the image of the Goblin Queen sacrificing her son?

#48 – X-Factor 37

This was a hard chapter of the saga to find, and to be honest, I didn’t find it until the mid 90’s for some odd reason. So here I was, huge fan, just having pieced it together in my head what had happened. Worth it for the Simonson art alone.
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Top 100 Summer Comics… #74

I almost came to this post with a simple focus in mind.

I was thinking of a specific issue of X-Factor where Cyclops blasts the hand of a Celestial off. Like a simple “BAM. Cyclops blows the hand off a Celestial. Nuff said” post. But nah. I had to see a gem. I had to fall into the trap of “ohhhh” and “ahhhhh” that is browsing ebay for comic books. Nostalgia is a trap – enjoy it (AND THIS BLOG) but don’t get sucked in.

#74 – X-Factor 39

First off – the art on the issue is perfect. Kind of like a rushed Walt Simonson, but nonetheless Walt Simonson. I don’t know why, but it seems as though it matches the energy and frenetic pacing of the content. This is the conclusion of the Inferno crossover, which for some god forsaken reason is my favorite Marvel crossover of all-time. A strange conclusion to a crossover that hit most of the Marvel titles and turned NYC into a Hellish landscape with diabolical mailboxes and grinning buildings (Marc Silvestri really nailed the man-eating mailbox market) but in the end resulted in the first of what I would consider the large scale X-book crossovers…Okay, fall of the mutants counts too. But Inferno was a totally different level. I dig this book on a lot of level, and I think kind of defined this weird creepy tone that the uncanny and new mutants books carried at the time. X-Factor too, ironically, but to a lesser extent.

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