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If I have any agenda, any purpose, in writing my own comics it’s to underline the plain truth: Comics are not for kids. No more than novels are for kids. No more than movies are for kids. Do those mediums have works for children? Sure. But the mediums themselves aren’t inherently FOR kids. Stories are things that come out of adults, typically, so it stands to reason that the content of the stories would most often be adult in nature.

All the messageboard pundits crying for comics to “return to being for kids” need to take an eye to history. If comics have “lost” kids, it’s been well over 20 years in the making. This run of Peter David Incredible Hulk issues came out in 1989 and is as dark and adult as anything you’ll read this year. Oh, it’s also great. But idiots who want comics to be for kids don’t care about good literature, they care about their narrow notion of “age-appropriate” literature. So either they treat classic works like this as an aberration, pretending its themes weren’t pandemic at the time, or they make excuses for it. But they NEVER accept it for what it is: proof that a generation, my generation, of KIDS grew up on comics meant for adults and were made better critical thinkers as a result.

Drug analogies; violence; murder; Satan; gambling.

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A Rampaging Hulk Derailed My Train of Thought

The human brain searches desperately for connections and hopes for patterns to emerge wherever possible. If allowed, your thoughts will glob onto the thoughts floating next to it until you have a big booger of ideas rolling around your brain. This happened for me today when I picked up a “The Longest Night” X-Factor trade at my local comic store.

Peter David’s original run on X-Factor is among my favorites in comic history so it’s reprehensible that I haven’t given his second go at these characters a chance until now. But I haven’t. As I sit here thinking about Peter David’s career, my mind ran to his time working on The Hulk which I considered often clever but a little scattered (I’m not angry- anyone gets scattered writing the same character for a decade). Then I started thinking about the artists he worked with during his Hulk years. Among them, George Pérez.

Pérez is not my favorite Hulk artist, but he’s a brilliant creator who I have a deep respect for. This commission up for auction sums up my feelings on Pérez well. It’s not the sexiest piece I’ve ever seen, but like all of Pérez’s work, it’s solid.

Here’s an oddball auction I’m using to celebrate the career of another Peter David Hulk collaborator, Dale Keown. Keown in some ways was emblematic of the climate of comics during his most visible years. He did a great job on a big two title, created a strong name for himself he believed could be flipped to success in the creator-owned world and then quickly realized writers are important. His book Pitt never had the buzz of the other Image books at the time, mostly because it was an idea people felt they’d seen before. Familiar ideas are nothing new to comics, but familiar ideas from an artist without a strong writing background to add spice often fall flat. I’m not here to insult the man and say Pitt was a total suck-fest, but let’s all agree it never blossomed. Anyway, this poorly printed tanktop would be awesome to play pickup basketball in.

That was my train of thought on Peter David today. As you can see, it veered off path at some point. I’ll see if I can’t realign my thinking and get back on the highlights of David’s career tomorrow.

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Giant Comic Lots.

See these three Hulk comics?

They’re just the tip of the iceberg. What we’ve got here is a lot of comics. A lot of 1,173 comics, to be exact. Plenty of really good stuff in there too, including plenty of first appearances.

The price is already over 3,000, and I’m sure it will go higher. You probably could make a bid just for the hell of it. Not that we encourage that sort of thing in the slightest. Just would be cool to say you took a shot. Of course, with my luck working it’s magic on you by proxy, you’d probably end up winning. Same thing applies to this lot…

Go ahead, make that opening $29,999.99 bid. You know you’re just gonna get outbid anyways. Go on. You won’t.

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Top 100 Summer Comics #34

The pinnacle of a run I, and many, many others, have gushed about all over the internet for many years. This issue I believe cements this entire era of Hulk, giving Peter David full control and letting him run inside, outside, and every which way into the corners of the character.

#34 – Incredible Hulk 372

While the Todd McFarlane run with David is spoken of frequently, the Dale Keown issues are head and shoulders better. The cover says it all – and if you’ve never read this era of the Hulk, well, y’know, you haven’t really read the Hulk.

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