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Original Rob Liefeld Artwork Youngblood, Spawn, Deadpool, Cyberforce

mtwice aka Rob Liefeld is selling some awesome original art pieces. These boards would look great framed in an office or living room. Act fast because there is not much time left on these, the vultures are circling.

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Fair Warning: You Have To Fight Me For This

Prophet is a book that shouldn’t work at all. It has no discernable point and every page is littered with captions describing what’s happening in the panels. It should be a failure. But something about it carries it through and makes it one of the best books on the racks.

This title is a strong argument for stylization over substance. Not an argument I’d ever make, but here it is for those of you on the other side who need a point of reference.

I’m going to buy this original cover art by Greek artist Giannis Milonogiannis if you don’t.

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Wack Cover Week Rages On: When Breasts Are Lame

I’m not going to pretend to understand the publishing history of Glory. I also can’t comment on the character, as lame as she may look, because I don’t know a thing about her. But these covers I can talk about.

These are horrible.

I mean, the idea of a lingerie issue already pushes comics back into their cave, but these covers in particular suck really badly. Who would buy this?

I hope the answer is you, because I really want a full report on if the interior of this book lives up the crappy promise of the cover. Buy this under protest and tell me all about it.

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How To Make Comics Good

So who remembers Prophet? It was a terrible, terrible book from the 90s that pretty well encapsulated everything that was terrible about that era. Sort of impressive in that respect.

Here’s some horror to shock you into remembering. Like a nightmarish childhood, you’ve repressed this memory, but I’m making you confront it.

Fast-forward a number of years and change the creative team so completely that there’s really no connection to that old property outside of the name. You’ve got a great book. Maybe the book of 2012. All it took was totally deleting everything bad about a 99% bad book and starting over. Which is commentary on where comic readers are at now mentally: “Name I recognize? OK, that’s my only criteria for buying. I’ll take four.” But at least we get this beautiful book. Try to stay positive.

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The Walking Dead 1 – 13 Graphic Novel Zombie Comic

I’m sure many of you are familiar with The Walking Dead television show on AMC. But for those you who don’t know, the series is actually based off a comic book that Image put outwritten by the super talented Robert Kirkman. iphizzle has made it really easy for you to research the story further by selling 1-13 of the graphic novel. That’s a shit load of apocalyptic zombie mayhem. I highly recommend this series you won’t regret it. Then check the show On Demand.

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I Blotted This Whole Period Out of My Memory

What is this? I mean, I can tell it’s an Image book from their early days and I can tell it’s something I wouldn’t be interested in, but what is it? Who is Prophet? Stephen Platt is the artist, but was this book his or was he acting in his usual role of familiar to one of the warlocks like Liefeld or Lee?

If this is from 1994 and it reeks of it. I’m not low-rating Platt or any of the Image dudes here, but there is nothing about this that “lasts” for me. That said, it’s a fascinating period to reflect on because everything considered “amateur” became desirable. Similar to punk in some ways, but less engaging as art in my opinion. The punk comparison is apt not only because of the original output being “unprofessional” but also because the ones who made waves were immediately duplicated by less innovative creators. I think thats where this book falls, but let me know if I’ve unfairly judged it.

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Earlier in the day I posted a skate deck on SkateNoize featuring The Darkness. The board came with an autographed comic by Marc Silvestri for the release of The Darkness video game.blackstarcomics is also selling autographed copies of comics. One in particular is Witchblade number 10 the first appearance of The Darkness. The comic is signed by the artist and writer Michael Turner, Marc Silvestri & David Wohl. This particular cover is a variant of the original and should make for good collecting. I’m not to sure of the price but blackstarcomics is selling bunch of other autographed comics, my personal favorite is The Amazing Spiderman number 129 the first appearance of the Punisher, definitely awesome. Check out the others listed you may find something you like.

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