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Do you recognize this face?

If not, then that means you haven’t checked out IDW’s awesome, English translated collections of the Spanish crime comic Torpedo, aka Torpedo 1936, which is notable not only for it’s black humor and violence, but for having it’s first two issues drawn by comics legend Alex Toth, who was replaced by the Kubert-ish Jordi Bernet after leaving due to disagreeing with the series dark tone.

Torpedo is the quintessential noir anti-hero: a hit man with zero redeeming qualities. He abuses his sidekick, he kills almost every one he meets, he abuses and rapes women (who almost always fall for him after, weird), and betrays his partners with impunity every stretch of the way. Basically every story is a variation on some combination of those themes, but they’re always enjoyably cold blooded. If you’re a crime and noir buff who also loves comics like me, this’ll be right up your alley.

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NY Comic Con Day One: My Highlight.

I too am recovering from this past weekends Comic Con in NYC. Unlike Pat, however, I did not have a particularly good time; certainly not as good a time as I had in past years. Friday was chill, due largely to the Professional only period that kicks off the weekend, but the only panel I was interested in on Friday this year was the Venture Brothers panel, and that was at like 8pm. Professional time kicked off at 10am. That’s way too long to be at anything, let alone what quickly became a packed Comic Con. I did, however, get to pick up two GREAT hardcovers…

Now I’ve posted about these before, but having finally held them in my hands, I gotta say… wow. This is some great looking stuff. Not just Darwyn Cooke’s artwork either, but the entire packaging of the hardcover. In fact, that’s part of why I ended up not getting the Comic Con exclusive version that Cooke was signing all weekend: they didn’t get the dust jackets for them in time (they started taking people’s addresses to mail them when they come in, but if I’m going to be honest, the fact that Donald Westlake is deceased kind of makes me not want to get them signed at all anyways. I love Cooke’s art and really admire his dedication to Westlake’s work, but it just doesn’t feel right). The other reason was that one of the many comic book stores selling their wares had low enough prices that I was able to buy both books for the price of the Comic Con exclusive version. Though we did see Cooke getting set up for the first signing, and he was wielding a paint brush, so I feel like anyone who went for the signed copy ended up with something really cool on top of the already really cool book I’m holding in my hands right now. There’s an entire section in the middle where Cooke takes on a variety of different artistic styles to describe different heists, and it’s really REALLY neat how they segue from Reader’s Digest style prose with illustrations to a sort of 60’s instruction manual style to a Hanna Barbara cartoon style and back into normal Cooke without ever losing the overall style and flow of the book.

The above retailer exclusive of The Man With The Getaway Face I am happy to say is included as a chapter in The Outfit (I expect that’s what is going to happen with The Mourner, since he included some of the set up for that book in Outfit). What that means is that you don’t need to worry about paying the ridiculous price eBay stores have it up for… the full hardcover books actually cost LESS than what these guys are asking.

What’s the next Parker book on the block for Cooke?

So psyched. The Score is one of my favorites. Like the above cover says, a dozen crooks take over one town… chaos ensues. After getting looks at Handy McCay and Grofield in Outfit, I’m really looking forward to seeing Cooke’s take on the rest of the Richard Stark (the pen name Westlake wrote the Parker novels under) rogues gallery. And I’m even more psyched to have read recent interviews with Cooke where he mentions considering doing more than just the 4 books he had planned (The Hunter, The Outfit, The Score, and Slayground).

So, so psyched.

For more information on all things Parker, be sure to check out the Violent World of Parker.

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