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Jim, Whom the Gods Would Enjoy

While it may not be THURSday, it is still Thor’s day here at Comic Noize. Or rather, Thor’s week. Just saw the dude’s movie and it was solid. I don’t like movies so I’ll probably never watch it again, but I won’t take to Twitter telling everyone they’re fools for liking it (See: that last Batman movie). While Walter Simonson was no doubt the primary influence on the film, let’s not low-rate the other names who have graced Thor pages.

Here’s a little Jim Shooter for you. I see people attacking him on the internet, but I feel that those people are probably frost giants with an agenda. Dude can write; who cares about his off-page demeanor? Nerds. That’s who. Shooter’s not losing sleep over what Fr0stGynt420 is putting on a messageboard.

More tomorrow.

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