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We Begin Our Dungeon Crawl Today

So I’m told September 11th is this year’s Worldwide Play Dungeons and Dragons Day. Yes, that’s a real thing. To celebrate, this week’s posts will have a sword and sorcery bent to them. Yesterday’s post was about demon rape, which is an angle I’ve never roleplayed in D&D, but I’m sure someone has. Today, we’re going with the other pillar of being an alienated 16 year-old: hallucinogenic mushrooms.

This auction for original art by Tony DiTerlizzi first featured in 2nd Edition Monstrous Manual. Anyone who has played D&D has seen this piece. It’s a subtle classic and needs to be in the hands of someone who will appreciate it.

This post is timely because in the news today researchers revealed hallucinogenic mushrooms have proven useful in reducing stress in cancer patients. No shit. It’s called being high, man. Also works on AIDS patients, Lupus patients, burn victims, people with broken ankles, those suffering from twitchy eyelids, hiccups and athlete’s foot.

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