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It was a wet weekend.

So much rain. The apartment next door flooded, the streets flooded, the gym flooded, my friends basements all flooded…

So in honor of that, here’s two classic water themed villains:

Water Wizard was always the one I preferred (and oddly enough, I remember him as being a Spidey villain. Must have had a story in an issue of The Electric Company Magazine), probably because he looked like a super villain, whereas Hydro-man originally looked like a fat guy in chinos (the 00’s saw him get an actual super suit. He was better off in chinos). But it’s Hydro-man who has shown to be the one with the staying power. I think that’s simply because there were more cover appearances available for a guy who turned into water than one who just manipulated it, so he ended up with more public prominence.

Plus given his name and look, there was always going to be a Hydro-man/Sandman team up to look forward to.

Water Wizard got a mid 90s make over of his own, via a name change to Aqueduct, and a spot on the Force of Nature villain team in New Warriors, but it still didn’t raise his stock any. Heck, his new persona debuted in issue 7 of that title, during a 3 issue run where every other member of Force of Nature made it on the cover at some point, yet STILL didn’t get a cover appearance until New Warriors #29. And even then, he was “polluted”.

Poor Water Wizard. You really are the Rodney Dangerfield of water themed villains.

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