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Apples and Oranges and a Few Decades In-between

So after gushing over that Buscema/Sutton piece a few posts ago, I’d like to offer something entirely different. Now, I understand this page is meant to convey something entirely different from the Man-Thing page. I also respect Humberto Ramos and am not trying to blow a single lackluster page out of proportion. That said, this page does not thrill me. In fact, it leaves me longing for those Sutton finishes we saw before. Where does this page take place? The vacuum of space would have some stars and shit in the background right? Is it the Negative Zone? Where is the background? Also, is that Iceman? I know the X characters have gone through some shit over the past decade, but hell, this dude looks like Shatteredglassman.

Am I alone in thinking this page wouldn’t have lost any of its intended emotional resonance if there had been some backgrounds? I don’t think it would have stolen away from the “moment” to know what planet they were on.*

*All apologies if this scene actually takes place in the Negative Zone, or if the colorist came in and created a vivid world using only shades of purple.

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