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Art Adams Career Missteps Are Still Pretty Good

I really hated this crossover(?) and I didn’t think it was Adams’ best work. That said, it’s still better than 90% of comic artists, dead or alive. Celebrate that tacky “let’s drop every character who sells into the same book for a week” nonsense with this poster. Take it up to Adams at a con and see if he doesn’t wince just a little.

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Jim Starlin Knows Monsters

I like to provide proper auctions rather than Buy It Now listings, but this one includes a Make Offer option so we’ll say it’s all good.

It’s a Jim Starlin print that features a number of deformed monsters in a pig-pile. Starlin is obviously one of the greatest of all time, but the appreciation for his work seems to have diminished over the past few years. Mostly because people are morons. Take advantage of that decline and lowball this seller.

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I Needed A Time Machine To Find A Decent Hulk Shirt

Had to hop in the way-back machine and go through bins at Woolworth to find the shirt of my dreams. Thanks, 1980s. You know how to make comics seem counter-culture, even if they were selling far more copies at the time.

IRON-ONS! I don’t know what the chances of these working in 2012 is, but at that price it’s entirely worth taking a chance. Plus, NOTEBOOK PAPER.

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Battle of the Lames

Which of these two forgettable villains that existed just to further the plot and had no energy or motivations of their own is lamer?

Guy in a stupid jetpack with laser wrists, CHANCE!


Terribly designed cyber blade jet shoe purple-hair clown, SPEEDFREEK!

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The Madness Continues!

We’ve got another NYCC Exclusive here. And boy do I find it confusing.

Are we trying to confuse kids now? What is this? A toy. I’ve managed to figure that much out. But what character does it seek to represent? Compound Hulk? Who is that guy? I don’t know him. He looks lamer than hell. I mean, are we making these exclusively for 3-year-olds who play with them in the tub? A 6-year-old would demand to know who it was that he was playing with if he was given this monstrosity as a gift.

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Here Comes the Bride

Last week I promised a bunch of 2000AD-related posts and I meant to make good on that promise, I really did. But my sister got married and it pushed everything back. Cut me some slack. For today, let me settle in while you take a look at marriage in comics.

Let’s start with the end-all of comic book weddings. This is iconic. People have this tattooed on them. It sets the bar and I’ve never seen it matched.

And here’s a slightly less-memorable comic book wedding issue.

And, finally, the least-memorable comic book wedding issue to come with two collectable cards and currently sell for less than cover price.

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I really like the Marvel What If series. It allows you to see other storylines of your favorite characters. All of these Wolverine comics have good concepts. Wolverine is one of those characters that has led so many different lives and he has battled with everyone in the Marvel universe. I keep telling myself that I am going to buy one of those What If graphic novels but I have yet to get one.

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Speaking of FOOM…

How can I say FOOM without thinking of the great Fin Fang Foom? Two items for everyone’s favorite eternal dragon..

1. Modern. Anyone read this? Worth checking out? Hulk v. Foom sounds good and almost fool proof, but let’s not be too optimistic. The cover is at least promising.

2. Classic. IT! The Living Colossus. What happened to this guy? I definitely want to track this one down. Might have to put a bid in…

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The Industry is Abominable.

Recently, via Twitter, a Marvel editor asked what the company can do to excite readers again. The editor acknowledged comic fans seem apathetic to everything at the moment and there’s a general malaise sweeping over the industry. This came on the heels of the worst sales month for comics in over 30 years. Some people are panicking, some people are being pro-active, but everyone is missing a major point: Fans want to care about characters. Give them an excuse to care and they’ll hang with you for years.

If you defer to creators on every matter and allow constant revamps or retcon’ing and you lose your core. At which point you have to put out a movie to ignite temporary interest among a transitory readership. “Those people aren’t your friends” says it best. Movies help drive readership, but only a small percentage of those people will be life-long readers. Take a cue from bodybuilders- maintain your core.

Here’s an example: Abomination. This dude, when written well, has pathos for days. He’s multi-dimensional and menacing. I really like him. But I don’t have a clue what is going on with the character at this moment. Is he dead in that Jeph Loeb book I couldn’t finish? I don’t know. Because nothing seems real. Nothing has gravity when we know a character will come back, and worse, come back without real explanation outside of “new creative team didn’t like what the last one did.”

Knock that shit off. Brilliant creators can be reined in to respect continuity. Sacrificing one for the other makes you look deficient at your job of editor. Crack a whip. Make rules. Upset your staff. It’s what a boss does.

Here’s an auction that brings me back to a simpler time. Check it. Pour out some liquor for another character lost in the swell of editorial pussyfooting.

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Not everyone has a basement. The mutants living in the Cursed Earth rad-lands of the American Southwest, for example, live their entire lives without the benefit of a basement. Sad.

In the Northeast, basements come in two types: Scary and Not Scary. All basements are somewhat scary because man wasn’t meant to be beneath the ground. But some basements push that scary thing to a new level through neglect, dampness, and an unmistakably grave-like earthen feel. Those are the basements you run up the last three steps when exiting, regardless of how old you are.

The Not Scary basement usually has a drop ceiling and a Ping-Pong table. It’s a place parents put their kids when they don’t want to deal with loud little monsters traipsing dogshit through the white carpeted living room. Those basements rule. They suit the needs of kids throughout their adolescence and when you turn 16 it’s where you touch a boob for the first time.

This Hulk poster featuring Neal Adams artwork would look awesome in a Not Scary basement. Check out the word balloon you could totally waste by writing something not funny in.

Typically I don’t like to reward those sellers who are so dismissive of me, the potential buyer, that they don’t put up large size images. But this piece deserves some looks so we’ll try to ignore that this would be a much more effective auction if the scale of the piece was represented and a good photo was taken.

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