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My Own Private Strike File

People looking to summarize the 90’s comic market tend to reference Liefeld or hologram covers. Certainly, those are the most garish and offensive visuals of the period and the passage of time hasn’t done much to absolve them. To many of us, even as adolescents, those trappings seemed ridiculous. I can’t even imagine how a young comic reader today would view them. Probably the way I see The Doors. Truly obvious hokey crapola.

If I had to encapsulate the 90’s and create a wickerman to burn, it would be this piece of shit right here. I think it represents the time better than even X-Force #1. Here’s why: Stryfe’s Strike File isn’t obviously shitty artists working on an obviously shitty title. It’s very good artists shoehorned into working on a obviously shitty AND irrelevant title. This is a cash-grab. A slapped together piece of garbage meant to separate mentally ill collectors from their hard-earned Internet start-up money. For shame, Marvel. Andy Kubert and Larry Stroman, you are forgiven. You were victims of your time and the machinations of a corporate culture fixated on short money and low art. Hit this auction, buy this book and then burn it this winter for warmth. This must be expunged from the record of modern comics. Let our children never know the depth of our sins.

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