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Hitler Week Concludes!

I never read the original Unknown Soldier, so I have to confess I have no idea what’s happening here. Is that Hitler pinning a medal on a Confederate soldier? Hitler loves time travel. Would this make any more sense if I read Unknown Soldier or would I still think this is the strangest Hitler appearance of the week?

This production art is awesome. Joe Kubert illustration. Four-piece production art. Another badly done swastika.

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Hitler Week Rolls On!

More Hitler Week here at CN. Let’s talk about this cover for a second, can we? So we’ve got the three greatest villains of all time versus the Legion, right? I spot Nero, Hitler of course, and… who is that third rogue? A gangster for sure… but which gangster killed 8million people? I gotta assume he’s a distant third in the biggest villains of all time race here, but still… how would I not have heard of a dude that can hang with Nero and Hitler? Pieces of crap that big usually get some notice.

Also, what’s up with the swastika? It looks sort of haphazard. Like one leg is longer than the others… doesn’t seem like a pro look for the head of the national socialist state.

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Back From the Bloc

Hey ya’ll, I’m back from a short trip to Eastern Europe.

They’ve got beautiful women and a friendly attitude over there, but that’s rarely what’s represented in comic books. Instead, we’ve got Hitler, Hitler, and more Hitler. Normally, I’d decry the bias there and implore our comic creators to illustrate the variety of lifestyle found in Easter Europe. But there’s no denying how fun a good Hitler comic can be. So I declare this Hitler Comic Week. Come back each day for an update on that dude. Spoiler: He usually loses.

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Covers I Love: Anything With Hitler.

Perhaps that wasn’t the best title. Let me rephrase: Anything with Hitler, or any member of the Axis powers for that matter, getting clowned by the famous comic characters of the time period. This stuff is just total vintage Americana. Anyone from Superman to Batman to Joe Palooka and a chest tattooed Uncle Sam to a bizarre WC Fields version of our old friend Father TIme teamed up with a New Year’s Indian, I don’t care. I just love seeing grotesque caricatures of real life villains getting their just desserts in over blown cartoon form. You could never do these now and get away with it…

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Captain America vs Hitler.

’nuff said.

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