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The Post-Hero Moral Dilemma

Is anything sacrosanct? Is there any single idea that cannot be touched upon out of reverence for the source material? That’s the subtext of all these Watchmen arguments floating around the internet today. In case you missed it, DC announced a series of books titled BEFORE WATCHMEN. As you might imagine, some fans are up in arms while others advocate for DC’s right to do whatever they want with those characters, and group advocating the third position of “I just want to read good comics!” has started to enter the melee.

My position? WHO CARES. Not “who cares about my position” rather, “Who cares” is my position. Give me new stories. Give me new characters. Don’t tell me what happened before. Tell me what happens after. Make it exciting and unexpected. Thrill me, dammit.

If you NEED to relive the past, start with this. Signed by Gibbons and John Higgins.

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