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Hellboy, Corben, Weird Little Demons… It’s Perfection.

So, the reserve on this has not been met. And the Buy-It-Now is a little pricy. So is it worth it to bid on this bad-boy? HELL YES.

This single page has so much for a comic book fan, it’s unreal. Hellboy put through the filter of great later-era Corben? Little monsters? Are you kidding? It’s too perfect. And it’s signed, which is great for you weirdo collectors out there. Take a swing, make a bid. See if this dude is bluffing with that Buy-It-Now. If you can get this piece for cheap, it’s a major score.

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Scary Sketchings

Two of comics finest with limited sketchbooks here.

A new name to some, Arthur Suydam lit the mainstream comics world on fire with his work on the multiple Marvel Zombies runs as well as more zombie variant covers than you could shake a stick at. Before that he just worked on some publications I’m not sure anyone has heard of… Heavy Metal, National Lampoon, Epic Illustrated… oh and this companyPenthouse Comix. No big deal. I bet I’d enjoy his sketchings more than a lot of his finished work – even just from the cover of this sketchbook I’m curious to see more. A little more visceral, less polished and give these monsters some teeth, y’know?

And hopefully everyone’s familiar with Mr. Mike Mignola. Hellboy, heard of it? Probably. But where I got my interest piqued by Mignola was the covers of some mid 80’s issues ofClassic X-Men. Mignola’s sharp style gave these iconic characters a very different texture than the art between the covers, and at the least was a very new style for my eyes. Chances are if Mignola has a pencil on paper somewhere, people are interested. Count me in that group.

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Hellboy vs Vampirella.

Don’t tell me you wouldn’t be down to read that.

Especially if Mike Mignola actually drew it.

I hate that he barely draws Hellboy anymore. Hate it. 🙁

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