Heartbreak Graphic Novel (2007) #1-1ST Edition

So I’m posting this because I thought it would be awesome to showcase some local talent. Heartbreak is a comic about all the pain and suffering that goes into dating. Nick DeStefano is from New Jersey just like me. He is best friends with my friend Dennis. We went to different highschools but we all knew of each other. I can tell you that all of the stories in this graphic novel are either true or inspired by true events. Nick went to SVA where he met Heartbreak co-creator Jonathan Rivera who I hear is a really funny guy and quite the ladies man. If you ever meet Nick in person you will notice that he looks like Jerry Seinfeld. I always like to promote buying directly from the artist if I can. So check out Heatbreak’s online store. If you can’t find it there then check out mycomicshop they definitely have it. Also check out the intro by Gerard Way. Yes of My Chemical Romance fame.

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