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My Earliest Comic Memory.

It was the winter of 1986. I had just come home from the third grade, and for some reason that I do not remember, I was not wearing my winter hat. For another some reason that I also do not remember, this was A BIG DEAL. If there was one rule for winter weather wear coming to and from school, it was to have my hat on. But I did not. And my dad saw me coming up the drive without it, and so when I came in I was promptly punished. How was I punished? I was punished by not getting the three He-man comics he had bought for me that afternoon until I finished writing “I will wear my hat when I’m outside” (or something like that) somewhere from 30-100 times. My dad was pretty big on making me write lines as a punishment when I was a wee lad. But, the point is, these are the first three comics that I can remember reading. Just don’t ask me to tell you what happened in them; I’ll be damned if I can remember details outside of the Meteorbs being in one of the issues (which turned out to be issue 2).

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Swag Diego Comic Con.

Well, the San Diego Comic Con is over, which means it’s time for the goodies to start hitting eBay, be they freebies or limited edition collectors items that people are now trying to flip.

First, we have this cute little Red Hood hood, a promo for DC’s soon to be released Batman: Under The Red Hood animated dvd.

One of the hottest things coming out of SDCC was The Walking Dead trailer shown at the WD panel, and here’s a pin and promo card for the show.

But enough of the freebies, on to the limited stuff… Minimates had limited Battle Beasts! And the Real Ghostbusters are back in Mego form!

Oh man, BLASTER! AND Sgt Slaughter! And old school Orko and Prince Adam! Clearly, retro was very in this year.

And of course, if you’re bummed you missed out on all the free stuff, you can just be a total dork and buy a bag o swag.

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