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Ken Dolls Assemble!

Am I off-base here, or does Hawkeye look like a dick? I know the dude is supposed to be wiseass and almost a full-on dick, but this figure really pushes it. If I were a kid excited to hit the nearest Toys R Us to grab a cool new action figure, I’d pass right over this Prince meets Dane Cook-looking jerk.

I’m curious, did anyone who bought this do anything with it but have it die at the hands of other figures? Maybe smash it against a Mockingbird figure to simulate sex? I can’t see too many other applications. This auction has a low price attached at the moment so this is your chance to have a figure just to abuse.

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Avengers. Solo Avengers.

An interesting concept that I almost completely forgot about.

A somewhat successful team book spawning a side book that showcased team members in solo adventures without the need for miniseries after miniseries. I think almost any fan could see that and both enjoy and recoil at the possible outcome.

Solo Avengers (which morphed into Avengers Spotlight) did both please and terrorize Avengers fans, but I believe it should be noted as a success somewhere in the annals of comicdom.

While it’s undeniable that it gave Hawkeye the lion’s share of attention, it also gave other Avengers some time to shine. Without a doubt I think some of Hawkeye’s best stories happened here, so any Clint Barton fans should seek these out. I guarantee you can find them in ample supply for decent prices, depending on your desired grade.

Strangely, my favorite of the Solo Avengers stories doesn’t feature Hawkeye. Rather, it’s a tale of The Vault starring Iron Man – a story with little fanfare these days but I think was one of the absolute best of the era. A small scale riot at The Vault (aka the Marvel supervillain prison of the 80’s, an idea now being re-used with The Raft) and obviously, Iron Man comes to save the day. Well put together and a great use of some of my favorite D-List villains. Strangely, this is kind of a continuation storyline from a breakout of the Vault which reeks of parallels to the recent debut issue of New Avengers #1. If Bendis did pull from this lost story it only makes me more of a fan.

And with all of the good sometimes comes the ugly. A good story gone bad, if you will. Hawkeye gets shot…

and then dons some fugly costume that even the Paladin laughed at. Okay, he didn’t, but only because he knew the pain.

Hang in there, Clint! This won’t last for more than 3 months!

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